Willie Winkie

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William Miller, Willie Winkie (Paisley: Gleniffer Press, 1983). Cambridge University Library Syn. 10.98.4 (copy 10). (From Bairns Songs [1865].)
2                                   rins through the toon,
3Up stairs an doon
4                                   stairs in his nicht-gown,
6                                   crying at the lock,
8                                   for it's now ten o'clock?"
9"Hey, Willie Winkie,
11The cat's singin' grey
17Onything but sleep, you rogue,
18                                   glow'rin like the moon,
20                                   wi' an airn spoon,
21Rumblin', tumblin' roon about
22                                   crawin' like a cock,
24                                   waukenin' sleepin' folk.
25"Hey, Willie Winkie,
28                                   like a verra eel,
31Hey, Willie Winkie,
32                                   see, there he comes!"
37That has battle aye wi'
38                                   sleep afore he 'll close an e',
39But a kiss frae aff his
40                                   rosy lips gives strength anew to me.


5] Tirlin': rapping. Back to Line
7] weans: wee ones. Back to Line
10] ben: in. Back to Line
12] thrums: hums, purrings. Back to Line
13] speldert: sprawled. Back to Line
14] disnae: does not. Back to Line
15] waukrif: wide-awake. Back to Line
16] wanna: will not. Back to Line
19] airn: iron. Back to Line
23] Skirlin': screaming. kenna-what: you-don't-know-what. Back to Line
26] creel: tizzy. Back to Line
27] Wamblin': rolling. Back to Line
29] Ruggin": pulling. lug: ear Back to Line
30] rauelin': undoing. Back to Line
33] mither: mother. Back to Line
34] stoorie: stirring. Back to Line
35] stumpie: short. stousie: not known. Back to Line
36] rin his lane: run by himself. Back to Line
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Whistle-binkie: a Collection of Songs for the Social Circle, series 1-4, ed. J. D. Carrick and Alexander Rodger (Glasgow: Robertson, 1842). LE.C W5764 Robarts Library
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Ian Lancashire
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