Upon my Lap my Sovereign Sits

Original Text: 
Martin Peerson, Private Musick (London: Thomas Snodham, 1620). ML C263 MUSI mfm.
2And sucks upon my breast;
3Meantime his love maintains my life
4And gives my sense her rest.
5    Sing lullaby, my little boy,
6    Sing lullaby, mine only joy!
7When thou hast taken thy repast,
8Repose, my babe, on me;
9So may thy mother and thy nurse
10Thy cradle also be.
11    Sing lullaby, my little boy,
12    Sing lullaby, mine only joy!
13I grieve that duty doth not work
14All that my wishing would,
15Because I would not be to thee
16But in the best I should.
17    Sing lullaby, my little boy,
18    Sing lullaby, mine only joy!
19Yet as I am, and as I may,
20I must and will be thine,
21Though all too little for thyself
22Vouchsafing to be mine.
23    Sing lullaby, my little boy,
24    Sing lullaby, mine only joy!


1] This poem is attributed to Martin Peerson. Back to Line
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RPO poem Editors: 
W. J. Alexander; William Hall Clawson
RPO Edition: 
RP (1916), p. 47; RPO 1997.