Soft Link 3 (by Nicole Brossard)

Translated by Robert Majzels and Erin Moure

1It's names of places, cities, climates that haunt.
2Characters. Clear mornings, a fine rain that falls all
3day, rare images from elsewhere and America, two
4natural disasters that make us close ranks amid
5corpses, it's quiet or violet acts, mortars, ice cubes in
6glasses at cocktail hour, noise of dishes or a slight
7stutter that momentarily torments, a slap, kiss, it's
The rest of the poem cannot be displayed due to copyright restrictions.
Publication Notes: 
Notebook of Roses and Civilization, trans. Robert Majzels and Erin Moure (Toronto: Coach House Books, 2007). This poem is reproduced on the Griffin Prize Web Site (from a volume on the 2008 Canadian Shortlist).
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Ian Lancashire
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