Rain along Shore

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L. M. Montgomery, The Watchman and Other Poems (Toronto: McClelland, Goodchild and Stewart, 1916): 11-12. PS 8525 O68W3 Robarts Library.
1Wan white mists upon the sea,
2East wind harping mournfully
3All the sunken reefs along,
4Wail and heart-break in its song,
5But adown the placid bay
6Fisher-folk keep holiday.
7All the deeps beyond the bar
8Call and murmur from afar,
9'Plaining of a mighty woe
10Where the great ships come and go,
11But adown the harbor gray
12Fisher-folk keep holiday.
13When the cloudy heavens frown,
14And the sweeping rain comes down,
15Boats at anchorage must bide
16In despite of time or tide;
17Making merry as they may
18Fisher-folk keep holiday.
19Now is time for jest and song
20All the idle shore along,
21Now is time for wooing dear,
22Maidens cannot choose but hear;
24Fisher-folk keep holiday.
25Oh, the fretted reefs may wail,
26Every man has furled his sail!
27Oh, the wind may moan in fear,
28Every lad is with his dear!
29Mirth and laughter have their way,
30Fisher-folk keep holiday.


23] Daffing: leaving behind. Back to Line
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Ladies' World (May 1905): 5.
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1998.