The Princess: As thro' the Land

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Alfred lord Tennyson, The Princess: A Medley, 3rd edn. (London: E. Moxen, 1850). tenn T366 P756 1850 Fisher Rare Book Library (Toronto). Alfred lord Tennyson, Works (London: Macmillan, 1891). tenn T366 A1 1891a Fisher Rare Book Library (Toronto).
2      And pluck'd the ripen'd ears,
3We fell out, my wife and I,
4O we fell out I know not why,
5      And kiss'd again with tears.
6And blessings on the falling out
7      That all the more endears,
8When we fall out with those we love
9      And kiss again with tears!
10For when we came where lies the child
11      We lost in other years,
12There above the little grave,
13O there above the little grave,
14      We kiss'd again with tears.


1] The Princess: A Medley, published 1847. This poem was added in the edition of 1850. Back to Line
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H. M. McLuhan
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3RP 3.55.