The Princess: The Splendour Falls on Castle Walls

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Alfred lord Tennyson, The Princess: A Medley, 3rd edn. (London: E. Moxen, 1850). tenn T366 P756 1850 Fisher Rare Book Library (Toronto). Alfred lord Tennyson, Works (London: Macmillan, 1891). tenn T366 A1 1891a Fisher Rare Book Library (Toronto).
2           And snowy summits old in story:
3      The long light shakes across the lakes,
4           And the wild cataract leaps in glory.
5Blow, bugle, blow, set the wild echoes flying,
6Blow, bugle; answer, echoes, dying, dying, dying.
7      O hark, O hear! how thin and clear,
8           And thinner, clearer, farther going!
9      O sweet and far from cliff and scar
10           The horns of Elfland faintly blowing!
11Blow, let us hear the purple glens replying:
12Blow, bugle; answer, echoes, dying, dying, dying.
13      O love, they die in yon rich sky,
14           They faint on hill or field or river:
15      Our echoes roll from soul to soul,
16           And grow for ever and for ever.
17Blow, bugle, blow, set the wild echoes flying,
18And answer, echoes, answer, dying, dying, dying.


1] The Princess: A Medley, published 1847. This poem was added in the edition of 1850. Back to Line
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H. M. McLuhan
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3RP 3.56.