The Peddler (Female)

Original Text: 
Seranus, Penelope and Other Poems: A New Book of Verse (Toronto: the author, 1934): 13.
1Fur-coated, lip-sticked, bleached and water-waved,
2Mild yet majestic, first she fills the door,
3Then gently pushes forward with her store
4In large black bag; her purse is gilt engraved
5With name, address, so clearly she has saved,
6From arduous calling, golden bits galore,
7Safe guarded by a friendly Bank, before
8Whose cautious counter she is well-behaved.
9Thus no impostor. Well she knows her world,
10She does but cater to the modern taste,
11For legs grow long as shorter grows the waist.
12Silk-stockinged, rayonned, powdered, coiffed and curled,
13The Modern Miss must go. But it may be--
14Fur-coated Madam has a his-to-ry!
RPO poem Editors: 
Ian Lancashire
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