Oh! That We Two Were Maying

Original Text: 
Charles Kingsley, The Saint's Tragedy (London: J. W. Parker, 1848). PR 4842 S3 1848 Robarts Library.
1Oh! that we two were Maying
2Down the stream of the soft spring breeze;
3Like children with violets playing
4In the shade of the whispering trees.
5Oh! that we two sat dreaming
6On the sward of some sheep-trimmed down,
7Watching the white mist steaming
8Over river and mead and town.
9Oh! that we two lay sleeping
10In our nest in the churchyard sod,
11With our limbs at rest on the quiet earth's breast,
12And our souls at home with God!
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J. D. Robins
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2RP.2.486; RPO 1996-2000.