My Lefe ys Faren in a Lond

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Trinity College Cambridge MS 599, fol. 154r. Rossell Hope Robbins, ed., Secular Lyrics of the XIVth and XVth Centuries (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1952): no. 160, p. 152. PR 1203 S4 1952 Trinity College Library. Carleton Brown and Rossell Hope Robbins The Index of Middle English Verse (New York, 1943): no. 2254. Z 2012 B86 General Reference Robarts Library.
And for your love evermore wepyng I syng thys song ...
2  Allas, why ys she so?
3And I am so sore bound
4  I may nat com her to.
5She hath my hert in hold
6  Where euer she ryde or go,
7With trew love a thousand fold.


1] The introductory words precede this poem in the original manuscript.
lefe: love. faren in a lond: gone abroad. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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