To my Inconstant Mistress

Original Text: 
Thomas Carew, Poems (J. D. for T. Walkley, 1640). STC 4620.
1When thou, poor excommunicate
2      From all the joys of love, shalt see
3The full reward and glorious fate
4      Which my strong faith shall purchase me,
5      Then curse thine own inconstancy.
6A fairer hand than thine shall cure
7      That heart, which thy false oaths did wound;
8And to my soul, a soul more pure
9      Than thine shall by Love's hand be bound,
10      And both with equal glory crown'd.
11Then shalt thou weep, entreat, complain
12      To Love, as I did once to thee;
13When all thy tears shall be as vain
14      As mine were then, for thou shalt be
15      Damn'd for thy false apostasy.
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N. J. Endicott
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3RP 1.218-19.