Monsieur Joliat

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Wilson MacDonald, Quintrains of "Callender" and other Poems (Toronto: S. J. Reginald-Saunders, 1935): 41-46.
3But Les Canadiens ees bes'
4    Dat ever skate de ice.
8    So good as Joliat.
10    I doan know heem himsel';
11But I know man dat know a man
12    Who know heem very well.
15He talk heem hockey all de day
16    And sleep heem wit' hees stick.
17He's small but he ees bothersome
18    Lak' ceender in de eye.
20    And keel dat leetle fly.."
22    Lak' leetle piece of soap.
23I tink nex' time I watch dat boy
24    I use a telescope.
26    He's better on attack.
28    And trow heem on hees back.
29He weegle jus' lak' fish-worm do
30    Wen eet ees on a hook;
31An' wen he pass de beeg defence
33He weigh one hondred feefty pound.
34    Eef he were seex feet tall
35He'd score one hondred goal so queek
36    Dere'd be no game at all.
39And go to see Canadiens
40    Mak' meence-meat of Maroon.
41When Joliat skate out I yell
42    Unteel I have a pain.
43I trow my hat up in de air
44    And shout, ."Hurrah,." again.
46    Sarcastic say to me;
47So I turn round to heem and yell:
49Dat was a ver' exciting game:
50    De score eet was a tie;
51An' den dat leetle Joliat
53He tak' de puck at odder goal
54    An' skat heem down so fas'
55De rest of players seem asleep
56    As he was going pas'.
57He was so queek he mak' dem look
58    Jus' lak' a lot of clown.
61Dat was de winning goal, hurrah;
62    De game she come to end.
63I yell: ."Bravo for Joliat;
64    You hear: he ees ma friend.."
65De Henglishman he say: ."Pardon,."
66    An' he tak' off hees hat:
68    Wen men can shoot lak' dat.."
69An' den he say, ."Bravo,." as hard
70    As Henglishman can whoop:
71."I tink to-night I'll change from tea


1] Aurèle Joliat (1901-86), star hockey player for the Montreal Canadians, 1922-38, and a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, was a medium-height lightweight who had speed and held his own against much bigger players.
The Boston Bruins, 1924-. Back to Line
2] The Ottawa Senators, 1908-54, won four Stanley Cups and placed first in the regular season seven times in the 1920s.
Dose: those.
ess: is. Back to Line
5] Howie Morenz (1902-37), star hockey player for the Montreal Canadians, 1923-34, whom a national Canadian press poll in 1950 voted the outstanding hockey player of the previous fifty years. Back to Line
6] Sylvio Mantha (1902-74), star hockey player for the Montreal Canadians, 1923-36, and a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, was among the best two-way defensemen of his time. Back to Line
7] Dere: they're. Back to Line
9] heem: him. Back to Line
13] Enfant!: mild oath in French ("child"). Back to Line
14] hevery: every.
treek: trick. Back to Line
19] Montreal Maroons (1924-38), the second National Hockey League team in that city.
'Flit': tin of insecticide attached to a pump to spray out the liquid fly killer. Back to Line
21] Garcon!: mild oath in French ("boy").
oui: "yes" in French. Back to Line
25] poke-heem-check: poking one's hockey stick at one's opponent puck-carrier to get possession of the puck, and then crashing into him bodily. Back to Line
27] Lionel Conacher (1900-54), a Toronto hockey, football, and baseball player, and a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, nicknamed "the Big Train." He played for National Hockey league teams from 1925 to 1937, including the Montreal Maroons (1930-33, 1934-37). Back to Line
32] seely: silly. Back to Line
37] travais-trot: riding a horse (?"travis" in English means a horse's stall in a stable). Back to Line
38] coon: racoon. Back to Line
45] Pea Soup: demeaning name for a French Canadian. Back to Line
48] Cup of Tea: demeaning name for an Anglophone. (Montreal has a strong English-speaking population.) Back to Line
52] hanger: anger. Back to Line
59] shoot the wind: shoot (the puck) really fast. Back to Line
60] hompire: umpire. Back to Line
67] steel: still. Back to Line
72] bally: mild oath, like "blasted," "confounded," ... Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire / Sharine Leung
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