Mane Nobiscum Domine

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The Poems of John Gray, ed. Ian Fletcher (Greenboro, N.C.: ELT Press, 1988): 285. PR 6013 R367A17 Robarts Library
2we meet thee at its close.
3Lord, at our humble table sit and share,
4and be, our sweet repose.
5Pledge of our hospitality, the bread
6is broken by thy hands;
7our quaking love, our most confiding dread
8beholds and understands.
9Food of our souls enlightens and updries
10our darkness and our tears;
11the breaker and the broken to our eyes
12is all, and disappears.
13We cannot be without thee, Lord, because
14the night is perilous;
15and anxiously our earthly journey draws
16to evening; stay with us.


1] Mane, Nobiscum Domine: Stay with us, O Lord. This belongs to the Roman Catholic liturgy at Vespers. Back to Line
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Poems 1931 (Sheed and Ward, 1931).
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Ian Lancashire
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