Lord of Unnumbered Hopes

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The Golden Treasury of Indo-Anglian Poetry 1828-1965, ed. Vinayak Kristna Gokak (New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 1970): 167. PR 1174 G6 1970 Robarts Library
1Lord of unnumbered hopes, unnumbered prayers,
2    Immaculate dream, unknown, unknowable
3    To mortal sense save dimly through the spell
4Of earth's delights and quickening despairs,
5Forgive what we have been, and what we are,
6    For that which in Time's fullness we shall be!
7    Thou art the Light, and in Thy shadow we
8Move in our pathways like a growing star.
9Make grow our comprehension till we see
10Through life's bewildering complexity
11The touch by which inscrutably is wrought
12Thy will: and shape each word, each act, each thought,
13    Until we learn to read Thy will aright
14    And pass from shadow to Eternal Light.
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Ian Lancashire
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