Kneeling Bus (by Fanny Howe)

Original Text: 
Fanny Howe, On the Ground (Saint Paul, MN: Graywolf Press, 2004). This poem is reproduced on the Griffin Prize Web Site (from a volume on the 2005 International Shortlist).
1Hello air
2Infinity is colonizing my mind
3It's as if a cornerstone is familiar
4but not the building
5It this illness, senility, amnesia, fatigue, wine,
6medication or history
7diminishing my memory
8to the length of a bed?
9Friends are often abandoned for passion
10That Person walking the path I cut for him
11from the elevator
12to the hotel bar
13His escape occurred
14while no one was there to care.
16If daily bread extends its quota
17of air; and if heaven can't manage what earth can
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Ian Lancashire
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