If Love now Reigned as it hath been

Original Text: 
British Library Add. MS 31922, fols. 48v-49 (attributed to Henry VIII); and John Stevens, Music & Poetry in the Early Tudor Court (London: Methuen, 1961): 403.
1If love now reigned as it hath been
4All ways whereby they might it reach,
5But envy reigneth with such disdain
6And causeth lovers outwardly to refrain,
7Which puts them to more and more
8Inwardly most grievous and sore.
9The fault in whom I cannot set,
11To lovers I put now sure this case:
12Which of their loves doth get them grace?
14Better than do I, I think it so.


2] sin: previously, "since." Back to Line
3] ensearch: look for. Back to Line
10] which love doth get: who find love (possibly "what love does beget or yield"). Back to Line
13] "And (further I put this case [11]) to those whom I think for a fact ("I think it so") know love better than myself." Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
RPO Edition: 
RPO 1997.