If all the World were Paper

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Edward F. Rimbault, "Could we with ink," Notes and Queries 229 (March 18, 1854): 256.
1If all the world were paper,
2    And all the sea were ink;
3If all the trees were bread and cheese,
4    How should we do for drink?
5If all the world were sand'o,
6    Oh then what should we lack'o,
7If as they say there were no clay,
8    How should we take tobacco?
9If all our vessels ran'a,
10    If none but has a crack'a;
11If Spanish apes ate all the grapes,
12    How should we do for sack'a?
13If friars had no bald pates,
14    Nor nuns had no dark cloisters;
15If all the seas were beans and pease,
16    How should we do for oysters?
17If there had been no projects,
18    Nor none that did great wrongs;
19If fiddlers shall turn players all,
20    How should we do for songs?
21If all things were eternal,
22    And nothing their end bringing;
23If this should be, then how should we
24    Here make an end of singing?
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Wits Recreations (1640) titles this nursery rhyme "Interrogativa Cantilena.".
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Ian Lancashire
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