His Wish to God

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Robert Herrick, Hesperides (London: for John Williams and F. Eglesfield to be sold by Thomas Hunt, 1648), of which a section called "His Noble Numbers: or, his Pious Pieces" has a separate title-page dated 1647. Facs. edn. Menston: Scolar, 1969. PR 3512 H4 1648A ROBA
1I would to God, that mine old age might have
2Before my last, but here a living grave;
3Some one poor almshouse, there to lie, or stir,
4Ghost-like, as in my meaner sepulchre;
5A little piggin, and a pipkin by,
6To hold things fitting my necessity,
7Which, rightly us'd, both in their time and place,
8Might me excite to fore, and after, grace.
9Thy cross, my Christ, fix'd 'fore mine eyes should be,
10Not to adore that, but to worship Thee.
11So here the remnant of my days I'd spend,
12Reading Thy bible, and my book; so end.
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RPO poem Editors: 
N. J. Endicott
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3RP 1.207.