he fell into my arms and said

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Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, "Marrying God," IV (excerpt), The Honeymoon Wilderness (Toronto: The Manfield Press, 2002): 43-44.
1he fell into my arms and said
2"sometimes god takes what we love most. he knows best".
3i agree.
4so I made up something as i buried his grandchildren.
5i said, "god wants us to love him unconditionally";
6to get too tired to be angry; to love him
8to look for messages in bottles. he hates god, but finds hope.
9you get thankful for anything
10he doesn't take: breath, sight,
11memory, until they're taken. then you're thankful
12for death.
13such gratitude, taking everything for
15even fear; you fork
16over every feeling to him.
17today i am thankful for anything,
18even the cold glance of
19those who do not love me. it's an experience.
20my novice master used to say he couldn't be
21hurt anymore. me? i collect every sight and sound i'll
22miss in my final moment.
23today i buried four children. i don't know what the weeping
24was about; i held the
25grandfather's head to my own, like a
26horrified brother faced with an
27unconditional god. it was like holding my own head.
28his brain, his love, his faith, my own -- and
29doing what we do best -- living in spite of him.
30until he opens the screen door and says, come in;
31the day of streets and leaves is over.
32lay your head to rest, and put away
33the likeness of the day.


7] niagara gorge: the deep riverbed carved by the Niagara River, including the Falls, from upper New York State to Ontario in Canada. Back to Line
14] ski-doos: a trademark name of motorized sleds, equipped with skis instead of wheels, made by Bombardier. Back to Line
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