The Great Tyrannosaurus

1The Great Tyrannosaurus
2  Lived centuries ago;
3Through marshes wet and porous
4  He rambled to and fro.
5The most tremendous Lizard
6  That ever browsed on meat,
8  Was forty-seven feet.
9The Great Tyrannosaurus
10  In habitude was not
11What one would call decorous --
12  He ate an awful lot.
16  Comprised his bill of fare.
17The Great Tyrannosaurus
18  Of all the world was king;
19With trumpeting sonorous
20  He swallowed everything.
21When everything was swallowed
22  Beneath the azure sky,
23What naturally followed? --
24  The Creature had to die.
25The Great Tyrannosaurus
26  That was so blithe and free
27Hath passed away before us;
28  Then learn from him and me:
29This earth can never nourish
30  An appetite like his,
31So if you hope to flourish,
32  Don't gobble all there is!


7] Izzard: archaic name for the letter z. Back to Line
13] Lamellibranchs: molluscs. Back to Line
14] Iguanodons: extinct iguana-like giant lizzard. Back to Line
15] Archaeopteryxes: extinct flying reptilic bird with a vertebrate tail. Back to Line
Publication Notes: 
Guiterman, Arthur, The Mirthful Lyre (New York: Harper and Brothers, 1918): 27-28. First published: The Mirthful Lyre (1918).
RPO poem Editors: 
Ian Lancashire