Gorgon, or the Wonderful Year

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Gabriel Harvey, A New Letter of Notable Contents 1593 (Menston: Scolar Press, 1970). STC 12902. PR 2546 H33 1593ab Robarts Library
1St Fame dispos'd to cunnycatch the world,
2Vproar'd a wonderment of Eighty Eight:
3The Earth addreading to be ouerwhurld,
4What now auailes, quoth She, my ballance weight ?
5The Circle smyl'd to see the Center feare :
6The wonder was, no wonder fell that yeare.
7Wonders enhaunse their powre in numbers odd:
8The fatall yeare of yeares is Ninety Three :
9Parma hath kist; De-maine entreates the rodd:
10Warre wondreth, Peace and Spaine in Fraunce to see.
11Braue Eckenberg, the dowty Bassa shames :
12The Christian Neptune, Turkish Vulcane tames.
13Nauarre wooes Roome: Charlmaine giues Guise the Phy:
14Weepe Powles, thy Tamberlaine voutsafes to dye.
The hugest miracle remaines behinde ,
The second Shakerley Rash-Swash to binde.
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