Give Me a Lass with a Lump of Land

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Allan Ramsay, Poems (Edinburgh: Thomas Ruddiman for the author, 1728).
1Gi'e me a lass with a lump of land,
2    And we for life shall gang thegither;
3Tho' daft or wise I'll never demand,
4    Or black or fair it maks na whether.
5I'm aff with wit, and beauty will fade,
6    And blood alane is no worth a shilling;
7But she that's rich her market's made,
8    For ilka charm about her is killing.
9  Gi'e me a lass with a lump of land,
10    And in my bosom I'll hug my treasure;
11Gin I had anes her gear in my hand,
13Laugh on wha likes, but there's my hand,
15Unless they bring cash or a lump of land,
16    They'se never get me to dance to their fiddle.
17  There's meikle good love in bands and bags,
18    And siller and gowd's a sweet complexion;
19But beauty, and wit, and virtue in rags,
21Love tips his arrows with woods and parks,
23And naithing can catch our modern sparks,


12] dowf: dull. Back to Line
14] poortith: poverty. Back to Line
20] tint: lost. Back to Line
22] riggs: ridges. Back to Line
24] well-tocher'd: well-dowered. Back to Line
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N. J. Endicott
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2RP.1.644; RPO 1996-2000.