The Girls

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Wakoski, Diane. Emerald Ice: Selected Poems, 1962-1987. Santa Rosa, CA: Black Sparrow Press, 1988: 328-330.
for Margaret Atwood & Cathy Davidson
1I never understood the girls
2who had the sweaters
3and the latest hairdos copied out of magazines
4and who were not afraid of snakes.
5They were the thin-hipped ones who looked good
6in straight skirts, like exclamation points
7behind phrases like "Wow," and "Gee Whiz."
8I envied their lemon-scented hands
9raised to answer asmost as many questions
10as I, the ugly duckling class brain, did,
11with my fat ankles,
12and ass as soft as a sofa pillow.
13Valerie Twadell who was Miss La Habra
14at our August Corn Festival
15chased me with worms.
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