Full Fadom Fiue Thy Father Lies

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William Shakespeare, "The Tempest," Mr. William Shakespeares comedies, tragedies, & tragedies (London: Isaac Jaggard and Ed. Blount, 1623): 5 (Act I, scene 2). STC 22273. Facs. edn.: Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1902. F-10 356 Fisher Rare Book Library (Toronto). New York: Norton, 1968. PR 2751 A15 1968 Robarts Library
2    Of his bones are Corrall made:
3Those are pearles that were his eies,
4    Nothing of him that doth fade,
5But doth suffer a Sea-change
6Into something rich, & strange:
7Sea-Nimphs hourly ring his knell.
8      ding-dong.
9Harke now I heare them, ding-dong, bell.


1] This is (invisible) Ariel's song deliberately mis-informing Ferdinand about the death of his father in the sea-storm.
fadom: fathom. Back to Line
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N. J. Endicott
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2RP.1.233; re-edited RPO 1996-2000.