The Dying Hunter to his Dog

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Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library MS. 3080, holograph collection of poems, "Written for Agnes Dunbar FitzGibbon, with the love and blessing of her old Mother Susanna Moodie -- March -- 6th -- 1866."
2      That joyful bark give o'er;
3It wakes the lonely echoes round,
4      But rouses me no more --
5Thy lifted ears, thy swelling chest,
7No longer kindle in my breast
10My eager soul outstripped thy speed --
11Lie down -- lie down -- my faithful hound!
14      By mountain, stream, and tree;
15And thou along the forest glade,
17When cold and silent, I am laid
19Another voice shall cheer thee on,
21Lie down -- lie down! -- my gallant hound!
22      Thy master's life is sped;
24      'Tis thine to watch the dead.
25But when the blush of early day
27Then speed thee, faithful friend, away,
29And guide her to this lonely spot,
30Though my closed eyes behold her not --
33In my dull ear strange murmurs sound --
34      More faintly throbs my heart;
36      Scarce glimmer in the blue --
37Chill round me falls the breath of even,
38      Cold on my brow the dew;
39Earth, stars, and heavens, are lost to sight --
40The chase is o'er! -- brave friend, good night! --


1] hound,: hound! 1843, Roughing It. Back to Line
6] Thy eyes: Thine eyes 1843; Thine eye Roughing It. Back to Line
8] The: A 1843. Back to Line
9] When: As 1843, Roughing It. Back to Line
12] by: with 1843, Roughing It. Back to Line
13] again the horn: the horn again 1843. Back to Line
16] shall: shalt 1843, Roughing It. Back to Line
18] .: -- 1843. Back to Line
20] won: won! 1843. Back to Line
23] Go -- couch thee on: And, couched upon 1843; And, couch'd upon Roughing It. Back to Line
26] up: in Roughing It. Back to Line
28] thy mistress: my Agnes Roughing It. Back to Line
31] Lie down -- lie down! --: Farewell, farewell 1843. Back to Line
32] we must: now we 1843. Back to Line
35] heaven: even 1843; Heaven Roughing It. Back to Line
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Literary Garland (Montreal, 1843).
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1999.