Deep mists of longing blur the land

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The Verse of Christopher Brennan, ed. A. R. Chisholm and J. J. Quinn (Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1960): 79. PR 6003 R352A17 Robarts Library
1Deep mists of longing blur the land
2as in your late October eve:
3almost I think your hand might leave
4its old caress upon my hand--
5for sure this floating world of dream
6hath touch'd that far reality
7of memory's heaven; nor would I deem
8the chance a strange one, if to thee
9my feet should stray ere fall the night,
10or, reaching to that lucent shore,
11these eyes should wake on tenderer light
12to greet the spring and thee once more.
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Publication Notes: 
Poems 1913 (1914). See Australian Poets eTexts Project, The Sydney Electronic Text and Image Service (SETIS)
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Ian Lancashire; Cameron La Follette
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