DECEMBER. [1757] XII Month.

1   Would you be well receiv'd where'er you go,
2Remember each Man vanquish'd is a Foe:
3Resist not therefore to your utmost Might,
4But let the Weakest think he's sometimes right;
5He, for each Triumph you shall thus decline,
6Shall give ten Opportunities to shine;
7He sees, since once you own'd him to excel,


8] Copied from Benjamin Stilling Fleet's ."An Essay on Conversation,." lines 455-62. Back to Line
Publication Notes: 
The Complete Poor Richard Almanacks, intro. Whitfield J. Bell, Jr., Vol. 2, 1748-1758 (Barre, Massachusetts: The Imprint Society, Inc., 1970): 352. PS 749 A3 1970 Robarts Library First published in 1757.
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Ian Lancashire