Coquette et Froide

Original Text: 
[Julia Ward Howe] Passion-Flowers (Boston: Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, 1854), pp. 117-18. PS 2017 P3 Robarts Library.
1What is thy thought of me?
2What is thy feeling?
3Lov'st thou the veil of sense,
4Or its revealing?
5Leav'st thou the maiden rose
6Drooping and blushing,
7Or rend'st its bosom with
8Kissing and crushing?
9I would be beautiful
10That thou should'st woo me,
11Gentle, delightsome, but
12To draw thee to me.
13Yet should thy longing eye
14Ever caress me,
15And quickened Fantasy
16Only, possess me,
17Thus thy heart's highest need
18Long would I cherish,
19Lest its more trivial wish
20Pall, and then perish.
21Would that Love's fond pursuit
22Were crownèd never,
23Or that his virgin kiss
24Lasted for ever!
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1998.