A Charm for a Mad Woman

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Virginia F. Stern, Gabriel Harvey: His Life, Marginalia and Library (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1979): 173.
2Restore this raging woman to her health,
3More worth than hugest sums of worldly wealth,
4Exceedingly more worth than any wealth.
5O light of grace and reason from the sky,
7And melancholy cease her wits to blind,
8Cease, fearful melancholy, her wits to blind.


1] panacea: cure-all remedy. Back to Line
6] mad-conceited: possessed by baseless imaginary thoughts. Back to Line
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See Eleanor Relle, "Some New Marginalia and Poems of Gabriel Harvey," Review of English Studies 23.92 (November 1972): 401-16.
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Ian Lancashire
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