Can a Maid That Is Well Bred

Original Text: 
Martin Peerson, Private Musick (London: Thomas Snodham, 1620) ML C263 MUSI mfm
1Can a maid that is well bred,
2Hath a blush so lovely red,
3Modest looks, wise, mild, discreet,
4And a nature passing sweet,
5Break her promise, untrue prove,
6On a sudden change her love,
7Or be won e'er to neglect
8Him to whom she vow'd respect?
9Such a maid, alas, I know.
10Oh that weeds 'mongst corn should grow,
11Or a rose should prickles have,
12Wounding where she ought to save!
13I that did her parts extol,
14Will my lavish tongue control.
15Outward parts do blind the eyes,
16Gall in golden pills oft lies.
17Reason wake, and sleep no more,
18Land upon some safer shore;
19Think on her and be afraid
20Of a faithless fickle maid.
21Of a faithless fickle maid
22Thus true love is still betray'd.
23Yet it is some ease to sing
24That a maid is light of wing.
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N. J. Endicott
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2RP.1.239; RPO 1996-2000.