Body Shop

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1Your body's got the wrong features?
2Oh, wainh, wainh!
3Its finish isn't status tint?
4You wanted
6I don't see a problem.
7Gets you from A to B.
8Has all the usual sensory
9inputs and outputs.
10And size is no indicator
11of performance.
12Why don't you just take it
13for a spin?
14Once you get used to
15how it drives, you'll forget
16you ever cared about
17the bells and whistle.
18And if you think your ride
19has anything to do
20with how easily you score,
21well .-
22Who ordered it, then?
23Doesn't matter.
24You can't return it here.


5] coupling link: an open or split connector of two objects (originally a phrase in engineering: see OED, "coupling", 1874 citation). Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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