Astrophel and Stella: 76

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The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia written by Sir Philip Sidney, Knight. Now the third time published with sundry new additions of the same author. Edinburgh: Printed by Robert Walde-graue, 1599. STC 22542.
2Their rayes to me, who in her tedious absence lay
3Benighted in cold wo, but now appeares my day,
4The only light of joy, the only warmth of Loue.
6Of gentle force, so that mine eyes dare gladly play
7With such a rosie morne, whose beames most freshly gay
8Scortch not, but onely do darke chilling spirites remoue.
9But lo, while I do speake, it groweth noone with me,
10Her flamie glistring lights increase with time and place;
11My heart cries ah, it burnes, mine eyes now dazled be:
12No wind, no shade can coole, what helpe then in my case,
14Pray that my sunne go downe with meeker beames to bed.


1] shining twins: Stella's eyes Back to Line
5] Aurora: the Roman goddess of the dawn Back to Line
13] walking hed: wandering or itinerant head; a brain filled with myriad thoughts Back to Line
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Marc R. Plamondon
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