Astrophel and Stella: 55

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The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia written by Sir Philip Sidney, Knight. Now the third time published with sundry new additions of the same author. Edinburgh: Printed by Robert Walde-graue, 1599. STC 22542.
1Muses, I oft invoked your holie ayde,
2With choisest flowers my speech to engarland so;
3That it despis'de in true but naked shew,
4Might winne some grace in your sweet grace arraid.
6Striuing abroad a foraging to go;
7Vntill by your inspiring I might know,
8How their black banner might be best displaid.
9But now I meane no more your helpe to trie,
10Nor other sugring of my speech to prooue,
11But on her name incessantly to crie:
12For let me but name her whom I do loue,
13So sweet sounds straight mine eare and heart do hit,
14That I well find no eloquence like it.


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Marc R. Plamondon
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