Astrophel and Stella: 26

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The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia written by Sir Philip Sidney, Knight. Now the third time published with sundry new additions of the same author. Edinburgh: Printed by Robert Walde-graue, 1599. STC 22542.
1Though dustie wits dare scorne Astrologie,
2And foole can thinke those Lampes of purest light,
3Whose numbers weighs greatnesse eternitie,
4Promising wonders, wonder do invite:
8They should still daunce to please a gazers sight.
9For me, I do Nature vnidle know,
10And know great causes, great effects procure:
11And know those Bodies high raigne on the low.
12And if these rules did faile, proofe makes me sure,
13Who oft fore-judge my after-following race,
14By onely those two starres in Stellas face.


5] ."brighright." replaced by ."birthright." Back to Line
6] weedes: black articles of clothing worn when mourning a person's death Back to Line
7] brawle: brawl, here, is a reference to a particular dance or dance movement Back to Line
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Marc R. Plamondon
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