The Affliction of Richard

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Poetical Works of Robert Bridges with The Testament of Beauty but excluding the eight drama, 2nd edn. (London: Geoffrey Cumberlege, Oxford University Press, 1953): 302-03.
1    Love not too much. But how,
2When thou hast made me such,
3And dost thy gifts bestow,
4How can I love too much?
5    Though I must fear to lose,
6And drown my joy in care,
7With all its thorns I choose
8The path of love and prayer.
9    Though thou, I know not why,
10Didst kill my childish trust,
11That breach with toil did I
12Repair, because I must:
13    And spite of frighting schemes,
14With which the fiends of Hell
15Blaspheme thee in my dreams,
16So far I have hoped well.
17    But what the heavenly key,
18What marvel in me wrought
19Shall quite exculpate thee,
20I have no shadow of thought.
21    What am I that complain?
22The love, from which began
23My question sad and vain,


24] Echoing the opening of John Milton's Paradise Lost, Book I, 24-26: "That to the highth of this great argument / I may assert Eternal Providence, / And justify the ways of God to men." Back to Line
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Shorter Poems, Book V
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Ian Lancashire
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