Adieu Vain World I've Seen Enough of Thee

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Faithful Servants: Being Epitaphs and Obituaries Recording their Names and Services, ed. Arthur J. Munby (London: Reeve & Turner, 1891): 63. British Library
Stone is erected
By the Voluntary Contribution
of Servants
To the Memory of WILLIAM DAVIS,
who died in the service of
Major Webber,
August 21st, 1798, Aged 47 years.
2And now am careless what thou say'st of me.
3Thy smiles I court not, nor thy frowns I fear.
4My cares are past, my head lies quiet here.
5What faults you saw in me take care to shun,
6And look at home, enough there's to be done.
7Where ere I liv'd or dy'd it matters not,
8To whom related, or by whom begot,
9I was, now am not, ask no more of me.
10It's all I am and all the proud shall be.


1] The original text lacks all punctuation.
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 2002.