sonnet (eleven-syllable lines)

Sonnet (unrhymed)

sonnet and blank verse

sonnet manqué

sonnet; blank verse

stanzas composed of quatrains and couplets

syllabic verse

telestich (where the word spelled out down the last letters of the lines is the alphabet)

terza rima in sonnet units


Tetrameter Quatrains

thirteen-line stanzas

Three stanzas of 3, 4, and 5 lines


trimeter octaves


triples and refrain

triplets and couplet

triplets and quatrains

triplets, quatrains, final couplet

Twelve-bar blues with refrains

twelve-line stanza, twenty-line stanza, sestet

twelve-line verse

twenty-line stanza

two septets, making a sonnet

two-stress alliterative line

unrhymed heptameter

unrhyming couplets

unrhyming pentameter

unrhyming quatrains

unrhyming, flexible heptameter