fourteen-line stanzas


free verse with prose

Heroic Couplets

Heroic Couplets, triplets

Heroic Sestets


Horatian Ode - short couplets

Hymnal Measure (variant)

Hymnal Meaure (doubled)

iambic tetrameter

iambic trimeter quatrains

irregular (couplets, quatrains)

irregular (couplets, quatrains, unrhyming)

irregular and quatrains

irregular couplets

irregular couplets and quatrains

irregular couplets with refrain

irregular couplets, triplets, etc

Irregular English Ode

irregular quatrains

irregular rhyming stanzas

irregular, couplets and quatrains

irregular: couplets, triples, etc.

irregularly rhyming

irregularly rhyming (couplets and quatrains)

Italian Sonnets (with variants)


linked quatrains

Little Willie Rhyme

mixed stanzas

nine-foot lines

octave followed by a quatrain refrain

octave, quatrain, sestet


octaves and eight-line refrain