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Random Poem of the Day

1I must not teaze my Mother;
2    For she is very kind,
3And every thingshe says to me,
4    I must directly mind:
5For when I was a baby.
6    Her care both night and day,
7While I was helpless and afraid,
8    I never can repay.
9I must not teaze my Mother:
10    And when she likes to read,
11Or has the head-ache, I will step
12    Most silently indeed;
13I must not choose a noisy play,
14    Nor trifling troubles tell,
15But sit down quiet by her side,
16    And try to make her well.
17I must not teaze my Mother:
18    I've heard dear father say,
19When I was in my cradle sick,
20    She nurs'd me night and day.
21And now she listens to my wants,
22    She gives me clothes and food,
23And cheers me with a loving smile,
24    While trying to be good.
25I must not teaze my Mother;
26    She loves me all the day.
27And she has patience with my faults,
28    And teaches me to pray;
29How much I'll strive to please her,
30    She every hour shall see,
31For should she go away, or die,
32    What would become of me?