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1        You sported the silks that Christ never wore –
2A svelte, scarlet tie for every white suit,
3And pounded your Bible to press your points.
4Your mouth crammed with fine words, you hymned sermons
5That stirred poor folk to sign over welfare cheques.
6When you paraded, macho, in tight jeans,
8And wrung their tear-soaked hair upon your feet.
9        Then, still greedy, you hawked dry snow – cocaine –
10And gulled and pimped tender, small breasted-girls.
11When Mary, your fine whore, quit you for Christ,
12You raged: Blood beat in your skull like a drum.
13You had Christ jailed, crowned with barbed-wire, shocked,
14Then strung with piano wire from a lamppost.


7] debs: debutantes, eligible young women. Back to Line