Representative Poetry Online

Random Poem of the Day

1There's a trusty husky maiden in the Arctic
2And she waits for me but it is not in vain
3For some day I'll put my mukluks on and ask her
4If she'll wed me when ice worms nest again
5In the land of pale blue snow where it's ninety-nine below
6And the polar bears are roaming o'er the plain
7In the shadow of the Pole I will clasp her to my soul
8We'll be married when the ice worms nest again.
9For our wedding feast we'll have seal oil and blubber
10In our kayak we will roam the bounding main
11All the walruses will look at us and rubber
12We'll be married when the ice worms nest again
13When some night at half-past two I return to my igloo
14After sitting with a friend who was in pain.
15She'll be waiting for me there with the hambone of a bear
16And she'll beat me till the ice worms nest again.