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1O you that heare this voice,
2O you that see this face,
3Say whether of the choice
6For it is void of hate.
7     This side doth beautie take,
8For that doth Musike speake,
9Fit oratours to make
10The strongest judgements weake:
11The barre to plead their right,
12Is only true delight.
13     Thus doth the voice and face,
14These gentle Lawyers wage,
15Like louing brothers case,
16For fathers heritage:
17That each while each contends,
18It selfe to other lends.
19     For beautie beautifies,
20With heauenly hew and grace,
21The heauenly harmonies;
22And in this faultlesse face,
23The perfect beauties be
24A perfect harmonie.
25     Musicke more loftlie swels
26In speeches nobly placed:
27Beautie as farre excels,
28In action aptly graced:
29A friend each partie drawes,
30To countenance his cause:
31     Loue more affected seemes
32To beauties louely light,
33And wonder more esteemes
34Of Musike wondrous might:
35But both to both so bent,
36As both in both are spent.
37     Musike doth winesse call,
38The eare his truth to trie:
39Beautie brings to the hal,
40Eye-judgement of the eye,
41Both in their objects such,
42As no exceptions tutch.
43     The common sence, which might
44Be Arbiter of this,
45To be forsooth vpright,
46To both sides partiall is:
47He layes on this side chiefe praise,
48Chiefe praise on that he laies.
50Whose throne is in the mind,
51Which Musicke can in sky
52And hidden beauties find,
53Say whether thou wilt crowne,
54With limitlesse renowne.


4] former: first or higher Back to Line
5] bate: contest, discord, debate Back to Line
49] Princesse hy: princess high Back to Line