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1Dey is times in life when Nature
2  Seems to slip a cog an' go,
3Jes' a-rattlin' down creation,
4  Lak an ocean's overflow;
5When de worl' jes' stahts a-spinnin'
7An' yo' cup o' joy is brimmin'
8  'Twell it seems about to slop,
9An' you feel jes' lak a racah,
10  Dat is trainin' fu' to trot--
11When yo' mammy says de blessin'
13When you set down at de table,
14  Kin' o' weary lak an' sad,
15An' you 'se jes' a little tiahed
16  An' purhaps a little mad;
17How yo' gloom tu'ns into gladness,
18  How yo' joy drives out de doubt
19When de oven do' is opened,
20  An' de smell comes po'in' out;
21Why, de 'lectric light o' Heaven
22  Seems to settle on de spot,
23When yo' mammy says de blessin'
24  An' de co'n pone's hot.
25When de cabbage pot is steamin'
26  An' de bacon good an' fat,
28  So's to show you whah dey's at;
30  Tek away yo' cake an' pie,
31Fu' de glory time is comin',
32  An' it's 'proachin' mighty nigh,
33An' you want to jump an' hollah,
34  Dough you know you'd bettah not,
35When yo' mammy says de blessin'
36  An' de co'n pone's hot.
37I have hyeahd a' lots o' sermons,
38  An' I've hyeahd o' lots o' prayers,
39An I've listened to some singin'
40  Dat has tuck me up de stairs
41Of de Glory-Lan' an' set me
42  Jes' below de Mastah's th'one,
43An' have lef' my hea't a-singin'
44  In a happy aftah tone;
45But dem wu'ds so sweetly murmured
46  Seem to tech de softes' spot,
47When my mammy says de blessin',
48  An' de co'n pone's hot.


6] picaninny: black child. Back to Line
12] co'n pone: corn bread fried or baked, often made without eggs or milk. Back to Line
27] chittlins: chitterlings, hogs' intestines. Back to Line
29] sody biscuit: soda biscuit (made with sour milk or buttermilk). Back to Line