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Random Poem of the Day

1Our Garden Spot is always bright and pretty
2  (Of course it's rather soggy when it rains),
3And only thirty minutes from the city
4  (Of course you have to catch the proper trains).
5We're through with Grasping Landlords, rents, and leases
6  (Of course there's still a mortgage debt to pay).
7At last we know what True Domestic Peace is
8  (Of course you can't compel a cook to stay).
9Our Little Home is always nice and cozy
10  (Of course the furnace needs a lot of care).
11The country keeps the children fresh and rosy
12  (Of course the schools are only middling fair).
13The Country Club is glorious on Sunday
14  (Of course it's overcrowded now and then).
15We see a play on Broadway every Monday
16  (Of course we have to leave at half past ten).
17It's lovely having grass and trees and flowers
18  (Of course, at times, mosquitoes are a pest).
19Yes, life is life out here in Rangely Towers
20  (Of course Some People like the city best)!