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2With fringe on his trousers and fur on his vest;
3The width of his hat-brim could nowhere be beat,
6And he flourished a handful of aces on kings.
8When who should turn up but the young Lochinvar!
9Her pulchritude gave him a pectoral glow,
11Then turned on the maiden a rapturous grin,
12And modestly asked if he might n't step in.
13With presence of mind that was marvellous quite,
14The fair Mariana replied that he might;
15So in through the portal rode young Lochinvar,
16Pre-empted the claim, and cleaned out the bar.
17Though the justice allowed he wa'n't wholly to blame,
18He taxed him ten dollars and costs, just the same.


1] Lochinvar: romantic hero of Sir Walter Scott's poem Marmion who, while dancing with his beloved Ellen at the celebration of her marriage to an unworthy other, quickly hustles her out the door, mounts with her on his horse, and rides away with her in his arms. Back to Line
4] brogans: heavy work shoes Back to Line
5] girdle: belt
horrent: bristling Back to Line
7] Mariana: lonely, lovesick heroine of Tennyson's "Mariana" poems. Back to Line
10] stentorian: very loud. Back to Line