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1    Not to the swift, the race:
2    Not to the strong, the fight:
3Not to the righteous, perfect grace:
4    Not to the wise, the light.
5    But often faltering feet
6    Come surest to the goal;
7And they who walk in darkness meet
8    The sunrise of the soul.
9    A thousand times by night
10    The syrian hosts have died;
11A thousand times the vanquished right
12    Hath risen, glorified.
13    The truth the wise men sought
14    Was spoken by a child;
15The alabaster box was brought
16    In trembling hands defiled.
17    Not from my torch, the gleam,
18    But from the stars above:
19Not from my heart, life's crystal stream,
20    But from the depths of Love.
 What thou lovest well remains,
                  the rest is dross
What thou lov'st well shall not be reft from thee
What thou lov'st well is thy true heritage
Whose world, or mine or theirs
                or is it of none?
First came the seen, then thus the palpable
    Elysium, though it were in the halls of hell,
What thou lovest well is thy true heritage
What thou lov'st well shall not be reft from thee
Ezra Pound Pisan Cantos, LXXXI